Regional Growth Summit: How to get your business to stand out

Wednesday 2nd September 2020, 8:45am - 6:00pm

If you are a passionate and purpose-driven business owner who wants their business to stand out then the Regional Growth Summit is for you. 

This one-day event brings together business leaders from across regional, rural and outer metro communities to share stories of inspiration combined with practical actions that you can implement immediately to help your business grow.

This one-day virtual summit is based on our 'Teach, not tell' philosophy, where you can hear from other businesses who have used strategic thinking, technology and marketing as an enabler to create positive change in their business. 

Join and meet fellow regional and rural business owners in these interactive sessions with networking opportunities.  Participate in a marketing Masterclass or Workshop, or simply be inspired by stories of regional and rural Australian businesses. (See the full agenda below)

We recognise that many business owners have limited time, money and resources to work on their business, so this event is focused on creating change using simple steps and providing the inspiration and support that is traditionally hard to access in Regional areas. 

Based on the current challenges across the country, there are many opportunities to listen to online events that provide theoretical ways to help build a healthy and sustainable business. However, the greatest impact comes from not simply being told, but getting practical help with real-life explanations and examples that can be applied to your business and your business situation.

Introducing & Showcasing

You will hear from both educators and regional business leaders about how you can use marketing, customer experience and technology to build a healthy and sustainable business. This event is for you whether you are a startup, scale-up or small to medium businesses in Regional Australia.

  • What human-centred marketing is and how it will help your business connect with customers

  • Marketing strategies to help your business stand out

  • The importance of understanding and adapting to customer insights

  • Customer and buyer behaviour

  • How technology can make your life easier

  • Practical steps to applying learnings

  • An entire day full of Regional and Rural stories and showcases

  • A chance to connect with fellow regional and rural business owners

How to register and join us on the day

If you have an account on our platform (you've registered for one of our previous events) and have a participating council coupon code then all you need to do is click on one of the pink buttons with “Access the summit” to enrol yourself into this event. You'll gain immediate access to the content, however, you'll need to return on the day for the live sessions and log back into the platform to participate on the day. 

If you are logged in and enrolled, click on ‘My Dashboard’. You will see the Regional Growth Virtual Summit September 2020 course, where you need to click 'Resume Course' to access the Zoom links for the sessions. We created a handy how-to video that shows you each step you'll need to take to get started.

If you are new to this platform and new to the Regional Growth Project, you'll have to create an account and either purchase a ticket (at $20 for lifetime access) or enter your participating Councils Coupon Code at check out to access for free.  

If your local council has purchased a license to this event, you will be able to access this content FREE OF CHARGE. (Visit our Facebook Page here to check if your Council is participating)

When you click the access button below, you will be taken to a payment page. Enter your details on the left, and your ‘coupon code’ on the right (click ‘have a coupon’ if you can’t see this box straight away). To find out if your council has purchased a license, click here to see a full list, or reach out to us via the Regional Growth Project Facebook page.


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    • Welcome!
    • How his platform works
    • We'd love your feedback so we can use it to improve our program
  • 2

    Welcome & Introduction to the event

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  • 3

    The impact of COVID-19 on your local economy

    • Zoom Link
  • 4

    Keynote Session 1

    • Zoom Link
  • 5

    Masterclass - Human-centred strategic marketing

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  • 6

    Hosted - Show and tell case study

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  • 7

    Hosted - Show and tell case study

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  • 8

    Networking Virtual Lunch

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  • 9

    Keynote Session 2

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  • 10

    Hosted - Show and tell case study

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  • 11

    Hosted - Show and tell case study

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  • 12

    Mini Masterclass - How to build a marketing action plan

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  • 13

    Panel discussion

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  • 14

    Wrap up and virtual drinks

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  • 15

    How was your experience?

    • How was your experience?

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